Equity number: 00134866
DES number: 64/38590
Writers Guild Great Britain: 3451
Education 1964–1967 Drama
Bretton Hall College of Education.

I travelled everywhere on public transport, carrying my clothes in a
very large suitcase and my hats and props in a huge bag especially made for me.

My work was prolific and it would be impossible to list in detail all schools, performances of my own plays as ‘The Travelling Storyteller’ and workshops.

To give some idea I set out below the work delivered in a typical year:

Venues 131
Workshops 157
Performances 264

2019 to present
Adaptation of ten, ten-minute plays from ‘The Odysseus series’. These plays are intended as a series called, ‘Whole Class Dramatic Reading’, with accompanying Cross Curricular Teachers’ Notes.
Began adapting the plays performed in The Travelling-Storyteller repertoire as scripted plays to be read by children in the classroom – for many of first experience of seeing a script.
Assisted with a local group archiving the history of the local theatre which had been the first weekly repertory theatre in the country.
2010 to 2015
Took advantage of an opportunity to make visits to Europe and explore the cultural and historical effects on Christianity which had experienced communist regime. I spent some months revising my German before visiting Berlin to look at life both during and after the Berlin Wall was built.
2000 to 2014
Taught Shakespearian drama workshops in three schools to pupils of all ability groups in year nine
2000 to 2008
As The Travelling-Storyteller I taught freelance in special schools, colleges and day centres, giving performances and drama/creative writing workshops in addition to such work in mainstream schools.
Arising from engagements in secondary schools and adult venues I founded my own arts organisation known as Action Arts
1990 to 2006
Made drama and documentary films with Mark Money, calling ourselves Sumare Productions.
1986 to 1999
Non-curriculum drama teacher at St Mary’s High School, teaching workshops of experimental drama, leading to productions, Shakespearian workshops and film-making to integrated groups of mainstream and special needs pupils.
Began writing and performing plays as The Travelling-Storyteller.
1973 to 1994
Drama play performances and film-making In day centres for adults with disabilities. Worked on a weekly basis in four centres.
1981 to 1984
Workshops in educational centres to adults in confidence building and public speaking.
1982 to 1993
I began teaching Saturday drama workshops for 6 to 12 year olds at Chesterfield College on a weekly basis. This was an excellent introduction and experience for all the primary work which followed throughout the years including that in Sure Start centres.

“We were very impressed with Mary’s performance, which she made come alive through her use of costume changes, movement and vocal effects. She captivated the children with her talent and enthusiasm, involving them in the story. Audience participation throughout. The drama workshop proved to be another enjoyable event for the children. They listened and responded well to Mary’s questions and ideas. She communicated effectively and was able to understand the needs of individuals in the group, encouraging those children who were a little less confident.”
Sue Beavers,Year 4 teacher,Hillsborough primary school,Sheffield.