Workshops offered at KS3, 4, 5 and beyond:

Consultant for English and Drama Teachers


Workshops offered at KS3, 4, 5 and beyond:

Consultant for English and Drama Teachers


Workshops offered at KS3, 4, 5 and beyond:

Consultant for English and Drama Teachers

Drama Consultant

Since drama became an element of the English curriculum, many teachers are meeting with the subject for the first time.

Her INSET training is interactive but also offers practical advice, at a basic level, founded on experienced classroom teaching.

As a drama trained specialist, Mary offers INSET training for teachers using drama within the Drama/English National Curriculum.

Her many years’ experience in teaching pupils with low literacy skills offers realistic and practical suggestions.

She will address particular issues of teaching raised by staff attending the INSET day.

Literacy / Creative Writing

“As a former teacher Mary Carr is well used to dealing with youngsters and was quickly able to gain their attention and keep it.”

Miss G. Johnson, High Storrs School, Sheffield.


Mary, a trained and experienced class teacher, is regularly asked for her speciality workshops to improve literacy skills for all abilities within KS3 and KS4.  She is particularly skilled in working with special needs pupils and those in referral units.

She generates an enthusiasm for reading and writing.

As a playwright, Mary teaches creative writing as prose, poetry or playwriting, based on preceding drama workshops (often inspired by performances of her plays).

Through practical drama workshops the students create an atmosphere which is then translated into a written form in class — to be further developed by the subject teacher in class afterwards.


Drama / Theatre Studies

“Following Mary Carr’s workshops, [two days], every person in our group significantly increased their mark for that component in their final degree.”

Teresa Lindeyer, Graduate – Media Studies,
Humberside University


Mary is a trained and experienced drama specialist having held drama posts in schools in addition to being the director of three different youth theatre groups for a total of fifteen years and having worked as a professional actress for twenty years.

She was trained at Bretton Hall by John Hodgson, one of the leading exponents at that time of improvisation, which has been the basis of all her teaching.

Work with Theatre Studies students in play-devising and improvisation is a speciality. She also offers workshops to enhance the performance skills of students.

Her way of working, using improvisation, helps give the students a greater understanding of the play and an in-depth portrayal of the characters, thus achieving a more professional standard of performance.

She has also worked extensively in learning support units and special schools in teaching Drama workshops to years 7-10, enhancing their confidence and self-expression.


“Mary Carr worked in our school for eight years. She exhibited tremendous energy and commitment in working with groups of young people.  We at St. Mary’s feel very privileged to have had her working at school.”

Mr. T. Moore, Headteacher,
St. Mary’s High School, Chesterfield.


Since 1990 Mary Carr has regularly taught Shakespearian drama workshops, especially for year 9 pupils.

These practical sessions give an understanding of the text to both academic students and those with low literacy levels.

It is preferable for the students to have no prior knowledge of the text as Mary begins each session telling the basic story.

The students then work in groups improvising scenes from the play and developing the characters in those scenes.

This leads to an in-depth understanding of the original Shakespeare even for students with low literacy skills.  The English teachers are then able to develop the work begun by Mary, needing to teach only the examination scenes.

Classical Studies

“The students were amazed at how Mary managed to take on the roles of all the characters. Highly recommended.”

The Holgate School, Hucknall, Nottinghamshire


“Her stories are very close to the original [Greek] myths in content but have been suitably adapted for school students. This makes them particularly accessible for students of Classics. The performances are enlivened by her clever use of costume, variety of accents and vocabulary to represent the different characters she portrays and very clear voice projection — Our students responded very positively to her plays.”

Head of Classics High Storrs School, Sheffield


Since 1986, calling herself, The Travelling Storyteller, Mary has written plays for all ages and performs them in a studio type setting (can be a large classroom). She offers a high class performance in theatre, changing costumes and characters quite distinctively in front of the audience.

Her exciting performances of plays about Ancient Greece are dramatically portrayed using stunning costumes, masks, traditional storytelling techniques and the acting of the characters.

It is preferable for the students to have no prior knowledge of the stories as Mary, in collaboration with Edwin Hunt classicist and author of The Westfield Greek Course, uses as her source material, the original Ancient Greek.

The plays have a relevant introduction about the Greek way of life so that the plays are fully understood.